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The goal of our project is to give Ukrainian and European tour operators and airlines an opportunity to familiarize their potential customers with available for reservation charter flights, seats on regular flights, as well as low-cost offers by posting their offers on this site.
And the most important thing is to help passengers reduce the time they need to search for tickets, as our website contains offers from all the leading tour operators and airlines that operate charter flights in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania.

Features of the charter flight
A charter flight is an irregular flight ordered by a tour operator to transport tourists to a certain direction. In fact, this is a plane rental from the airline for a certain time, while the crew and equipment are the same as on regular flights. The organization of movement involves ground services that control regular flights too.

A passenger, a buyer of a charter flight ticket, must understand that he is faced with a special type of transportation that is different from regular flights.

The main feature of charter flights is an unstable schedule. Usually, a charter flight is “built into” the schedule of regular flights. As a result, changes in charter flight schedules and delays on the day of departure are possible. For example, in the case of flight delays and overlays at the airport, servicing of charters happens only after regular flights.

If the flight is delayed or the schedule is changed, the charter passenger is in less favorable conditions than passengers  from the regular flight. But in most other cases, their rights are equal. For example, when the waiting time for departure exceeds 8 hours, the airline operating the charter flight is also obliged to provide its passengers with a hotel for the entire waiting period and hot meals (detailed conditions must be clarified directly with the airline that operates the flight). Please note: this is the responsibility of the carrier (airline), and not the travel agency or tour operator charterer of the flight, to which irritated tourists usually address their complaints.

Buying a charter ticket is often much cheaper than a ticket for regular flight. Also most of charter flights are direct, with no stopovers and connecting flights. Often there are no direct regular flights to popular resorts, or their number is minimal. With the help of the charter you can get directly to places where regular flights do not fly. And all this without waiting for connecting flights, searching for multiple tickets and complex route selection.
When forming tours to mass popular tourist destinations, tickets for charter flights are included in the standard tour package. However, the possibility of buying tickets without travel package is possible, particularly in our company.

In the summer there are flights from different cities to Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Italy.. In winter the most popular charters are to Egypt, Thailand, India, Slovakia and Austria. Departure may be from cities where there are no scheduled flights. But at the same time, the charter is not included in the general schedule.









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