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Let's get acquainted...

Our project was created in May 2014 to inform travelers about the latest hot offers on charter flights from the leading tour operators in Ukraine.

At the beginning of 2022, we were one of the leading agencies for the sale of this type of air tickets in Ukraine.

The military invasion by russia and the subsequent closure of the airspace over Ukraine forced us to reconsider the geography of the services provided. We thank our regular customers who stayed with us during this difficult time and motivated us to expand the company's activities.

At the moment, we are launching the sale of air tickets for charter flights departing from such countries as: Poland, Moldova, Romania, the Baltic countries, and Kazakhstan. To ensure the security of customer payments and payments to our partners, we operate on behalf of our company registered in the EU. However, our main office and support service is still located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We will definitely speak to you in your language in the near future, but at the moment the project support service speaks only Ukrainian, Russian and English.

What are charter tickets and how do they differ from regular scheduled flights?

Unlike regular flights, charter flights, as a rule, are not included in the official sale of air tickets, you will not find their schedule on the board of regular flights at the airport. Only the customer or authorized agents have the right to sell air tickets for charter flights, so very often passengers do not even know about the existence of such flights and the possibility of purchasing tickets for these flights.

We are already accustomed to the fact that charter flights are one of the components of a tourist package. But if there is a surplus of seats or weak sales from tour operators, charter tickets are put up for free sale.

The purpose of the chartershop project

– to enable leading tour operators and other consolidators of such flights to familiarize their potential customers with charter tickets available for sale by posting their offers on this website.

Of course, the cost of charter tickets in such cases is much lower than the prices for regular flights. In addition, as closer the departure date then lower the price of unsold tickets.

As a result, chartershop customers can purchase flights to the most popular tourist resorts at affordable prices.

We offer you offers for charter tickets departing from such countries as: Poland, Moldova, Romania, the Baltic countries and Kazakhstan.

Please note that by “last minute offers” we mean departures on the very next date. On peak (holiday) dates due to increased demand, standard prices apply. Often during such periods, the sale of charter tickets separately from the tour package is completely prohibited.

However, if you do not find the dates or directions you need among the available offers, you can send us a request by e-mail: sales@chartershop.eu and we will try to offer you the best option. You can also find the schedule of possible charter flights from the main cities of Ukraine on our website.

Travel profitably with chartershop!

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